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Attorneys at Weeks Law Firm in Plano have been serving estate planning, special needs planning, guardianship and probate clients since 1998. Attorney Tresi Moore Weeks provides exceptional guidance to her clients in estate planning, probate, guardianship and special needs trusts.

Tresi Moore Weeks is a recognized authority and frequent speaker for groups seeking to understand the unique planning needs of families with children with disabilities.

Our goal is to help our clients leave a loving legacy by creating an estate or special needs plan that costs less overall, and our Law Firm in Plano will guide you through the planning, probate or guardianship process with experience and compassion.

“Leaving A Loving Legacy”


Weeks Law Firm helps families plan for the care and financial security of their child or loved one with special needs

Estate planning is for every husband, wife, mother, father, grandparent, business owner, professional, or anyone else who has someone they care about, are concerned about providing responsibly for their own well being and for the well being of those they love, and for anyone who seeks to make a difference in the lives of others after they’re gone.

Guardianship is a legal process with a court-created relationship between a person who needs help (“proposed ward” or “ward”) and the person who gives help (“guardian”). A court decides if the person is not able to manage their personal or financial affairs due to a physical or mental condition.

Probate is a court-supervised process for distributing the individually owned assets of a deceased person. Assets are distributed to beneficiaries in accordance to the instructions written in the person’s will, or according to Texas law if the person died without a will.



Weeks Law Firm
Weeks Law Firm2 days ago
In this blog post, we draw inspiration from the popular TV show "Modern Family" to explore estate planning issues pertinent to contemporary families. Reflecting on the dynamics showcased in the series, we delve into crucial topics such as business ownership considerations, guardianship nominations for minors, protecting surviving spouses, and equitable distribution strategies. From blended family dynamics to entrepreneurial endeavors, our attorneys dissect complex scenarios to provide actionable insights for crafting comprehensive estate plans tailored to the unique needs of modern families. Contact us to embark on your estate planning journey and safeguard the future of your loved ones.
Weeks Law Firm
Weeks Law Firm6 days ago
Did you know more than half of all American adults don’t have a will? That can cause all kinds of problems if tragedy strikes.

The death of both parents in an accident can leave their children’s fate up to a judge. Assets in a blended family may not end up being distributed the way you would like. And, if you’re incapacitated but not killed, the choices made about your medical care may not be those you would want.

Estate planning can save you from all those unfortunate outcomes.
Weeks Law Firm
Weeks Law Firm1 week ago
If you're not an estate planning attorney, odds are the topic is pretty foreign and maybe even uncomfortable for you.

You are not alone and we're here to help. Here's a great checklist to get you started. ✔️
Weeks Law Firm
Weeks Law Firm2 weeks ago
Trustee selection is one of the most important choices of estate planning - behind asset division. This person is responsible for handling assets in your stead and should bear that responsibility deftly and responsibly.
Weeks Law Firm
Weeks Law Firm2 weeks ago
In our latest blog post, we demystify the Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) as a sophisticated wealth transfer tool for high-net-worth individuals and couples. Exploring the mechanics of GRATs, we delve into how these irrevocable trusts allow grantors to transfer appreciating assets to heirs with minimal tax implications. Through insightful examples and practical considerations, we highlight the benefits of GRATs in estate planning, especially for clients facing potential tax challenges and seeking to optimize their gifting strategies. Consult with our seasoned estate planning attorneys to explore whether a GRAT aligns with your financial goals and legacy objectives.
Weeks Law Firm
Weeks Law Firm3 weeks ago
Discovering grants and loans for wheelchair accessible vehicles and vehicle adaptations can be a game-changer for maintaining independence and mobility for those with disabilities. In our blog post, we delve into various federal funding sources, state and regional financial assistance programs, and disability grants available through organizations. From Veterans Affairs benefits to state-specific programs and mobility rebate initiatives, explore a plethora of resources aimed at facilitating access to mobility vans and adaptive equipment. Unravel the possibilities and take proactive steps towards securing the mobility solutions you need.