A Father’s Day Message For Dads to Ensure Protection of Child

 In Estate Planning

As a dad, you work hard to provide and support your family. You attend your children’s sporting events, save money for their college education, help them with their homework, do everything you can so they will have a safe and healthy future. Everything you do for your kids is an investment in their future, but have you made a complete plan to protect them?

Don’t overlook a long-term plan to ensure protection for your children. Creating or updating your estate plan is one of the most important things you can do to look after your family.
An essential part of every estate plan a Will. This document informs the court how you want your assets and property distributed once you pass away. It also gives you the power to assign someone the responsibility to wrap up your affairs. A few other key documents to consider is powers of attorneyguardianship or trusts.
Enjoy Father’s Day with your family, then talk to a qualified Estate Planning attorney in your area about creating your custom plan.
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