A good plan is nothing to fear: A client’s perspective on estate planning in Dallas

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Many people have a deep fear when the subject of estate planning in Dallas is bought up as it usually involves making hard decisions. This month, I’ve been forced to look at all sorts of scary images at stores and hear creepy commercials in anticipation of my least favorite holiday. Maybe you like Halloween.  Maybe all that stuff isn’t scary to you at all.  Whatever the case, it brings to my mind the subject of fear.  When I sat down to share my perspective as a client of Tresi’s, I thought about that: fear.

When should you start your living will planning?

You see, I’m embarrassed to admit this – but it wasn’t until after our 4th child was born that my husband and I made the appointment to start our living will planning have our wills drawn up.  Why would we put it off?  We knew better.  I guess it came down to avoidance and anxiety – perhaps some fear?  Maybe an irrational subconscious thought that, if we got our affairs in order, something bad would happen…anyone else?  Okay, I might be alone on that one – but surely I’m not the only one who’s not exactly eager to contemplate my own death or that of my husband.  And who wants to envision someone else stepping in to care for his or her children?  Of course, that’s no excuse to avoid responsibility.

So we finally got smart, started having some important conversations, and made an appointment with Tresi.

As parents, the hardest part of the whole process was selecting a guardian for our kids. Who would be best equipped to pick up the pieces if something happened to us? Who would best pass along our faith and our values to our children?  Who would be committed to making sure our kids got to see other extended family members?  We were blessed to be in a position where we had several good choices.  But I have good friends who are in the exact opposite position; they struggled to come up with one option they felt completely comfortable with.  No matter which side you fall on, it’s a tough choice; it’s just too important not to be, really.  Get through that part, and the rest seems easy.  But that’s just this momma’s view.

Just how strong is the Power of Attorney?

The process was much less scary than I expected. Once our appointment was made, we received an email with documents to fill out so we would have everything we needed at our meeting. When the time for our appointment came, we found that many of the anxieties we may have had before, were gone. We were actually excited – we knew this was a really good thing we were doing for our kids and for our extended family; no longer would our lack of planning weigh heavily on our minds. And rather than being intimidating, our meeting with the power of attorney was very comfortable; I so appreciated her calm, reassuring presence. He asked us questions, and really took the time to listen to what was important to us. We got to ask a lot of questions too, and she answered them all. Then she got to work. We received a call just a few weeks later, and made an appointment to review and sign all of the documents prepared for us.


After all was said and done, my husband and I felt confident that we now had a great plan in place for our children and family. The only thing we would have done differently? We wouldn’t have waited so long.


If you wish to know more about living will planning or living trust planning, please feel free to give us a call today.


Contributed by: Guest Blogger & Client, Jenny Finch



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