A Love Note from My Mother

 In Estate Planning

Mom and DaughterMother’s Day is a time to recognize and celebrate all the love, support, and wisdom your mother has shown you throughout your life. Like many mothers, my mom consistently demonstrated extraordinary selflessness. She always put other people’s needs before her own and tried to alleviate any stress in others’ lives. These characteristics became even more apparent twelve years ago when she passed away. In the following year, it became clear to me how much she truly thought of others’ needs before her own.

My mother knew my brothers and I would be grieving her loss long after she was gone, so she left a love note for us after she passed away. That love note was a well-prepared estate plan. I call it a love note because it made things so much easier for my brothers and me during a time when we were grieving her loss. She prepared her plan in advance to make that emotional time less stressful for us. That was so consistent with her character of always putting others first and striving to keep things well organized.

I was blessed with a kind, generous, loving mother. Her legacy makes us consider, what kind of note are we leaving for our family?

Checklist for Your Mother

Consider speaking with your mother about the plan she has in place. Ask if you can help her with anything.  Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  1. Does she have an updated and valid Will?
  2. Does she have a financial power of attorney so someone can take care of her finances if she becomes incapacitated?
  3. Does she have a medical power of attorney and a HIPAA release so that her medical providers can speak with her designated agent regarding decisions?
  4. What are her end of life choices and are they in writing?
  5. Does she have enough money to last her a lifetime?

These may be difficult conversations to have, but they help ensure that your mother is cared for and her wishes are carried out.


“I wish you a blessed Mother’s Day, as we honor the incredible women in our lives.”


 My Possibilities Community Ball

My PossibilitiesWhat a privilege it was to sponsor the My Possibilities Community Ball for the second year in a row.  My Possibilities is a wonderful day program that provides adults with disabilities the opportunity to realize their greatest possibilities and enjoy meaningful lives. My Possibilities believes strongly in the inclusion and equal opportunity for HIPsters (Hugely Important People).  Most individuals with disabilities have never had the opportunity to attend a formal dance, making the Community Ball a unique event for many of them.

Tresi, Kevin, Sherrie and Eric hosted three couples at the Weeks Law Firm table.  We are deeply humbled by the ability to share the mission of our firm by being able to help sponsor such a wonderful event.  Thank you to each one of you as clients for enabling us to give back!

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