A New Program to Help Fund Home-Based Care

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Texas is now offering a program called “Community First Choice” to help families pay for home-based services for individuals with disabilities. The goal is to make it financially possible for more of these individuals to live among family, rather than moving to a nursing facility. We’d like to provide you with some introductory highlights to help you determine if this legislation could possibly benefit your family. If you find you’d like to learn more, see the links below to get more information.

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What is it? As an entitlement program stemming from Obamacare, the government provides funding for community-based home service expenses to qualifying individuals. The program aims to improve the housing options for individuals with disabilities that will allow them to be a part of their community. So rather than be forced to live in the isolated settings of state institutions or nursing facilities in order to get the skilled care they need, they get to live in their own homes or apartments among family & friends. There are no waiting lists, and services must be provided to those eligible.

Who is Eligible? To qualify, an individual (child OR adult) must:

  1. Be eligible for Medicaid
  2. Need assistance with daily activities, such as dressing, eating and bathing
  3. Need an institutional level of care. Types of facilities include: hospital, nursing facility, intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual/developmental disability, institution providing psychiatric services for individuals under the age of 21, or an institution for mental diseases for individuals age 65 and older

We think this may have the potential to help a lot of families, and it’s too important not to get the word out. To find out more, including whether you or a loved one might qualify, see:

Federal Medicaid Program

Article from The Dallas Morning News

We hope that many will benefit from the CFC program. Please help us get the word out by telling family and friends.

Caring for the daily needs of a loved one with a disability often requires an incredible about of time and energy, and so it’s understandable that thought of tackling any future planning seems like an insurmountable task – but it’s truly not. I’ve made available a free resource that I hope can be a source of solid information, as well as encouragement: Click here to download my free eBook called The Peak of Planning: Special Needs Trusts. And when you’re ready to take the next step, I’d love to meet with you, get to know the needs and goals of your family, and help you develop a customized plan to ensure your special needs family member is well taken care of for his or her lifetime.

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