Tresi Weeks attended the Special Needs Trust National Conference in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida.

Tresi Weeks spoke to the Collin County Bar Association about Special Needs Trusts and their importance to the estate planning business.  This heavily-attended event at the Probate Section gave many…

Tresi Weeks toured the nonPareil Institute in Plano, a fabulous program for adults on the autism spectrum who create game apps and work in the community and find fulfilling lives.

Tresi Weeks toured Cornerstone Ranch in McKinney, a lovely residential and day program for adults with special needs.

Tresi Weeks’ article about special needs trusts was published in the Dallas Bar Headnotes. Her article entitled, “Special Needs Trusts: What Every Practitioner Should Know,” provided basic issue spotting for…

Tresi Weeks toured the Coventry Reserve in Wylie, a loving day program for adults with special needs.

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