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2020 Census starts this March and YOU COUNT!

Every 10 years a census is conducted to count every person in the United States. Currently cities around North Texas are working to get the word out and promote “complete counts.” Why is a complete count important? Because, census data helps advocates, community leaders, and elected officials address disparities in housing, health care, employment, and education. The health and well-being, and the political power of all communities, rests on a fair and accurate census count. Elected officials cannot make informed decisions about how to allocate billions of federal tax dollars fairly and effectively without an accurate accounting of the population.
Special education grants provide resources to special needs students, tailored to their individual needs. If the U.S. Census Bureau does not conduct a full and accurate count, administrators of special education programs will have no way of knowing how many children they must teach, which schools need more educators, or what communities need more schools. It is essential that people with disabilities – and their families – who need these necessary supports and services participate in the census. Census figures affect Special Education Grants ($11.2 billion to be allocated across the U.S.) and Medicaid ($312 billion to be allocated). Texas could lose at least $300 million per year if Texas residents are under-counted by even 1%.
For more information on How the Census is Used, FAQs, and other resources, please CLICK HERE. To see a sample of the 2020 Census Form, please CLICK HERE.
You’ll receive an invitation to respond online between March 12-20. Starting April 8, you’ll receive a reminder letter and paper questionnaire. You can respond online, by phone, or by mailing in the paper questionnaire.
Since the Census is only conducted once every 10 years, it is VITAL that all residents are counted!
The Weeks Law Firm is proud to support Plano’s Census efforts:
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