Counting Down 2016: Why the Best New Year’s Resolution is One You Can Keep

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We are officially in it; you need estate planning in Frisco while the holiday craze covers you with Turkey and will drag you to Times Square. It won’t be long before people start asking you, or you begin contemplating, this years “New Year’s Resolution”. You could go with some of the tried and true: get fit, lose weight, learn a new hobby, read more, etc. Or, you could try something new.

Top reasons to complete your Will and Estate Plan

Reason #1:

There’s little risk of failure once you’ve scheduled an appointment with your attorney…now that is a nice way to kick off a new year. You make the initial decision and investment, and your attorney gets it done right.

Reason #2:

You’ve been meaning to do it for so long, and this is the perfect opportunity. You’ll be that rare person who can say you accomplished your New Year’s Resolution – but the long term benefits are infinitely greater, for you and for your loved ones.

Reason #3:

It’s not as scary as you might think. And even if you do have some trepidation, you’ll never look back and wish you hadn’t gotten it done. It’s scarier to not have a plan – and not just for you either.

Reason #4:

You may have been hesitant to make the financial investment necessary for excellent living will planning, but did you know that did you know that a comprehensive estate plan is designed to maximize your estate’s worth, including tax planning that will make your assets more valuable to your children or other beneficiaries for years to come? Even a simple trust can help your estate avoid costly probate altogether. Bottom line: the cost of not planning is potentially much greater than your initial investment.

Reason #5:

If you have children that are minors, you get to name their guardians if something happened to you and your spouse. The best of judges won’t know your child(ren) like you do, and won’t know your priorities in raising your children. You have the power to make this important decision – don’t give it away. When setting up your Will, a probate law professional will be able to assist you.

Reason #6:

If you have blended family, you may not have seen the potential landmines that await without proper planning. Intestate laws (applied when a person dies without a will) may not give you the result you want.

Reason #7:

You know your loved ones will be taken care of, and they’ll appreciate your thoughtful planning for their lifetime. Dealing with the grief of losing someone you love is often more than we can handle as it is. Taking care of the details and making the practical necessaries less burdensome is a gift.

Reason #8:

Your estate plan lets you make some important health decisions. Not only does this give you peace of mind now, it also benefits loved ones who won’t be forced to guess as to what your wishes are. Feelings of guilt and family strife can also be avoided, or at least greatly minimized, when you put your desires in ink.

Reason #9:

Figuring out the details of your estate plan leads to re-evaluating important financial factors. For example, the process could reveal that you don’t have enough life insurance coverage to help sustain your family if you died. It’s a simple, relatively inexpensive fix that would make a world of difference. Literally a few dollars a week/month could be the difference between insecurity and financial stability.

Reason #10:

You’ll establish a relationship with your attorney that will lead to solid planning through every change and stage of your life. A visit every five years, or after any major life event, and you maintain confidence that you have a plan that will leave a loving legacy.


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