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A Complimentary eBook to Walk You Through the Basics of Special Needs Trusts

As the parent of a child with special needs, there is so much that you simply cannot plan for; but you want to know that your child is going to have all the resources needed for his or her lifetime.  The good news: there are solid solutions to achieve that important goal with the help of a great plan.  The icing on the cake to a great plan? Peace of mind.  I know this, because I’ve helped parents like you get there.  One of the primary legal tools utilized in estate planning for families with a special needs child is the Special Needs Trust.

Understanding the basics of special needs trusts

If you’ve wondered what this is all about, or even been a bit overwhelmed at the concept – I understand. That is why I developed a resource to walk you through the basics of special needs planning.  I wrote this eBook to you.  In other words, this isn’t meant to be a dry, impersonal explanation in the form of clinical definitions – it’s meant to be a relatable, understandable guide to the basics of how legal planning can help tackle some of your greatest concerns, questions and hopes when it comes to planning for your child’s future.  My desire is to empower you with knowledge, and encourage you to start planning today.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the topics covered in, The Peak of Planning: Special Needs Trusts

  • The Importance of a Comprehensive Estate Plan
  • 3 Types of Special Needs Trusts
    Questions About Special Needs Trusts
  • ABLE Accounts
  • Why a Special Needs Trust (SNT) is Necessary
  • How a SNT is Created
  • How a SNT is Funded
  • What SNT Funds Can be Used For
  • How to Fund Your SNT to Maximize Public Benefits
  • Additional Considerations
    • Medicaid Payback
    • Divorce
    • Child Support
  • Basics of SSI, SS DAC & Medicaid
  • What to Expect: Our Process
  • Reference Charts
  • …and More!

Click here to download your free copy today.  I look forward to meeting with you in person!
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