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hugs-cafeThe Hugs Café slogan — “Have you had your hugs today?” — embodies a warmth and compassion that reflects its truly inspiring mission providing job training and employment to special needs adults.
Ruth Thompson, founder and president, wanted to combine her loves for food and helping the special needs community by creating a restaurant that employs adults with special needs. After teaching cooking classes at a market in McKinney, Thompson developed the idea for Hugs Café. Ruth explains what inspired her in the Café’s promotional video.
“My inspiration came from teaching cooking skills to this wonderful group of people and hearing how badly they wanted jobs,” she says. The Café fulfills two important needs in the community — teaching important life skills to special needs adults and helping the local economy by creating jobs.
If you don’t have plans for Sunday, February 22, Hugs Café will be hosting a pop-up restaurant, known as A Taste of Hugs, at Elke’s Market Café in Allen. The first 72 guests who send a payment of $25 per person to the following address will reserve their spot for this event:
Hugs Café
5100 Eldorado Pkway, Suite 102-527
McKinney, TX 75070
When you are a parent of a special needs child, one of the biggest concerns is that they can develop life skills that will help them to build confidence and become more independent. Hugs Café focuses on building real life skills that not only help special needs adults in their daily lives, but also helps them to feel a sense of belonging and contribution in a group environment.
Special needs individuals age out of school districts when they are 22 years old. Then it is up to charities and state agencies to take over. Funding of state agencies are notoriously lacking and getting access to those resources are next to impossible. Hugs Café is a self-sustaining nonprofit, offering delicious food while creating much-needed jobs for special needs adults. It is crucial that we support the success of these programs that contribute so many benefits to our city.
Thompson’s long-term vision is a Hugs Café in every community. This mutually beneficial program will no doubt make a big difference in the lives of many. Hugs Café is a wonderful addition to the community and at Weeks Law Firm we fully support their mission.

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