Planes, Trains & Automobiles: A New Resource in Travel for Special Needs Families

 In Special Needs Planning

Suite casesWith the 4th of July right around the corner, summer travel season is in full swing – time to pack it up and head to the beach…or wherever you fancy.  If you’re traveling with a special needs family member, you know there will be extra challenges ahead.  The limited information available for travel planning typically focuses on mobility accommodations – but there’s so much more you’d like to know.

Enter,, a new website for helping families navigate their travels.  Senior Founder of, Meghann Harris, recognized the vacuum of information available because she is the mother of a special needs child herself; her 8-year-old daughter has a neurodevelopmental disorder called atypical Rett syndrome.  So Meghann used her valuable perspectives, experiences and strengths to create a solution that would strive to fill in the travel-gap for special needs families.  This new site contains: top 10 lists, tips and tricks, recommended destinations, a discussion forum, expert articles, a partnership with for a customized trip plan, and more.   To check it out for yourself, go to is another shining example of how the passion of dedicated parents continues to lead to innovations and ideas that are helping so many.  The Weeks Law Firm wishes you and yours a wonderful summer and safe, fun travels!

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