As the parent of a child with special needs, there are moments when you feel as though you are standing at the precipice of a great mountain, overwhelmed by what lies before you.  There is so much that you simply cannot plan for.  You learn to take it one step at a time – one day at a time – celebrating the milestones as they come.  You seek out the best doctors, you learn the best ways to care for your child, and you help them realize their potential.  You are their champion, and in many ways, they are yours.

But not every challenge is best met with a “one day at a time” approach.  There are some concerns that must be met with careful, expert planning.  And when you have done the planning that you can do, you gain a peace of mind that grants you endurance for the road ahead.  My hope is that in this e-book you will be empowered as a parent, and as your child’s best advocate: in one of the ways you can help secure their brightest future.

Blank Cover - Peak of planning special needs trusts e-book
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